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Denise Moreno Ramirez

Denise Moreno Ramírez is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science and the School of Anthropology. She is interested in developing environmentally focused community-engaged research projects and research translation products for people living in Arizona, Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico border region. Moreno Ramírez’s dissertation project focuses on capturing the oral histories of community members living next to hazardous contaminated sites (Superfund sites) in Arizona. She will analyze the oral histories to understand how people perceive risk and become environmentally literate in the face of environmental injustices. Moreno Ramírez will also partner with community members to develop oral history products that can be disseminated to a broader audience and establish state and local archives that can be accessed for future reference.

Voices Unheard Project
The Voices Unheard Project aims to preserve the life stories of individuals who work and live near Superfund sites by using oral history.
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Transferable Training Modules: Building Environmental Education Opportunities With and for Mexican Community Health Workers (Promotores de Salud) Denise Moreno Ramírez, MS; Lourdes Vea, MA, MEd; James A. Field, PhD; Paul B. Baker, PhD; A. Jay Gandolfi, PhD; Raina M. Maier, PhD

Application of phytoscreening to three hazardous waste sites in Arizona. Candice M. Duncan a, Jon Mainhagu b, Kayla Virgone b, Denise Moreno Ramírez b,d, Mark L. Brusseau b,c,


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