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"From the Desert to the Sea", Understanding the Oceans Role in Climate blog by Becki Beadling

2017 Carson Scholar and Biosphere 2 Fellow Becki Beadling, is a graduate student in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona where she uses a combination of observations and data from Climate and Earth System Models to understand the ocean’s role in climate. This summer Becki will be trading in her flip flops for a pair of steel-toed foul weather boots to join the SOCCOM team as a CTD watchstander aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer for the leg 1 of the US GO-SHIP P06 Cruise.

Follow Becki’s blog From the Desert to the Sea: Life as a CTD Watchstander on US GO-SHIP P6 to learn more about the SOCCOM project, data being collected on the cruise, and life on board the Palmer!

From the Desert to the Sea: Understanding the Oceans Role in Climate, Short Video by Becki Beadling