Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Arisbeth Nieblas headshot

Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas grew up in Sonora, Mexico, in a town on the Gulf of California. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the Technological Institute of Sonora (ITSON), Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. Living in semi-arid regions her whole life, Arisbeth learned first-hand about water being a finite and vulnerable resource which catapulted her pursuit of water issues-related work and graduate studies. She is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Environmental Engineering Program at the University of Arizona. Her graduate research involves persevering water delivery infrastructure by developing a corrosion monitoring system. The system will monitor two measurements: (1) water quality in time (flow, pressure, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH) and (2) the metal corrosion rate in time using a power supply that measures an electrical current. Also, Arisbeth is a fourth-year Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions (SBAR) Fellow, where she works developing and teaching science lessons and experiments to middle school students. 


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