Talia Anderson

School of Geography, Development and Environment
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Talia Anderson is a PhD student in the School of Geography, Development and Environment and in the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research. Her research focuses on climate variability and change and its impacts on ecosystems and communities. She uses a variety of data types, from tree rings to satellite imagery, to explore climate impacts in both local areas and large, multi-country regions. Talia is motivated to build collaborations with potential users of climate information, so that her research can more broadly inform decision-making and action surrounding climate change. Her current PhD research combines multiple information sources to evaluate changes in extreme events and rainfall in Guatemala and will explore how climate information is and can be used by farmers to better adapt to climate changes. Before starting graduate school, Talia worked for the TRACE (Tropical Responses to Altered Climate Experiment) project, a forest warming experiment in Puerto Rico. She holds a master’s degree in Geography from the University of Arizona and a dual-degree in Geography and Spanish Studies from the University of Minnesota.


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